Friday, 26 October 2012

Pastel Pop

I call these the wardrobe essentials.
We all love a plain white tee to throw on during those late mornings, or when heading out to the supermarket. Something comfortable yet pretty enough to wear to a few hours at the café. The lifesaver.

Testing the twirl of the strawberries & cream pleats. They flow effortlessly!

My version of these pretty basics comes with a burst of colour. Simple yet enough to brighten up your look effortlessly. Check out the wreath of flowers around the neckline that doubles as a necklace effect. Saves you time from having to accessorise before heading out the door! The first blouse features a stained glass wreath while the second version is adorned with a water coloured flower wreath.

The rainbow of colours also means you don’t need to put on that much makeup because the colours make up for everything else.
Perfect for you minimalists out there!

A touch of mint along the hemline to soften the entire outfit

As for the skirt pairings, I sort of did a clash of texture. The straight pleats served as a nice contrast to the curves of the flowers on the blouse. I can't get enough of the candy colours- cream with the lightest of pink and green pastels. 

The strawberries & cream pleated skirt makes you feel all girly and sweet. With such a soft and flowy texture, you can match it with any top and still feel like a fairy. 

Meanwhile, the mint & cream version comes in stiff, thick pleats. It’s simply refreshing and unique with the colour-block along the hemline. I personally felt like a schoolgirl in it.

Shop the outfits here

Outfit one: Stained Glass White Blouse by Hypnosis/ Strawberries & Cream Frilly Pleats
Outfit two: Water Colours on Purple by Hypnosis/ Mint & Cream Pleated Skirt

Photos by Gladys Chan, Ryan Mah and me

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Something called mine

Hey all!

To all my friends out there, welcome to my blog + (soon to be) shop. For those of you who stumbled upon this blog, thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy browsing this space.
As of now, this site is still in its early stages and I'm putting it together during whatever free time I have, which sadly is during the weekends. Do keep come back within the next few days and hopefully I would have put more posts up by then!

It has always been my dream to set up something to call mine, no matter how small a project it is, to share something that I love with people out there. Since the start of the year, this idea cropped up and took a firm grip on my heart and has finally taken root today.
Through this blog, I will be documenting my personal style and turning it into something for people to be able to have by selling what I wear for you to mix and match with your own wardrobe stars too!
What's special about this online shop is I personally show you how to mix and match different styles, from casual to rock to feminine at affordable prices.  These selections are all close to my heart too, from the colours to the patterns and right down to the styles.

Feel free to get lost in this site, browse the clothes to your hearts content and I am very sure you will emerge and have found something that captures your heart.
In the meantime, I will be going the whole nine yards setting up a Facebook page, Twitter account and Lookbook to launch this baby!
Stay tuned for this outfit in my upcoming post
Love, Jessica